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Product Lifestyle
Image Creation

I designed and created a series of assets for Ernest Jones social channels. These were then used across the website, blog and email as part of the omni-channel experience.


Conception, design and implementation consisted of creating stand out imagery to engage with the Ernest Jones customer. Consideration was taken in to the Ernest Jones brand, and utilising beautiful jewellery to create exciting and engaging content on the social feeds, that were not only visually pleasing, but also created an elevated feel to the brand with emphasis on style and stand out pieces. 

Tools: (Adobe) Photoshop

Process: Concept, Design & Implementation


The aim was to create art that looked as though it had been shot in a studio. After research, and a clear vision of the art direction for the posts, the work began. Carefully cut out imagery was placed on thoughtfully selected background imagery, which would often be manipulated and edited.




The important part was making the product look effectively part of the scene. Shadow, highlights and enhancement of the jewellery made the products look at ease in the shot. 


End result was beautiful assets which looked as though they had been shot on set.

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