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To create an in-feed and story post to demonstrate the

benefits and versatility of Bugaboo products.

Instagram Post

  • Animation brings the message to life and follows a simple narrative which seeks to draw the viewer in and create a sense of fun, whilst clear messaging and use of block colour maintains practicality of product.

  • Careful use of animation to create narration and entice the viewer to want to know more.

  • Fun and exciting, punchy visuals to maintain lively, energetic feel, and reflect how the use of Bugaboo's products impact on customers. 

  • Bugaboo brand colours used throughout to create strong brand identity.

  • Fun use of accessory point visual to illustrate message, with rolling animation to create flow in to next slide.

Instagram Story

  • Adapting post for story meant simplifying the creative to create bitesize chunks of information in an engaging manner. 

  • The use of two story slides creates viewer engagement to tap through to next slide, as opposed to one long frame which could make viewers lose interest. 

  • Use of simple animated ‘swipe up’ at significant parts of the story creates a clear call to action which is fun and enticing, without distracting to the overall creative.

  • The use of brand colours throughout creates vibrancy and is a fun, bold statement.

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